What We Do

Crafted by Infinity plan, cut and polish the world's strictest, most consistent brand of high-performance diamonds. Superior performance and most beautiful, no diamonds surpass or performs better across all lighting conditions. The edge to edge brightness, bigger bursts of fire, scintillation and superior sparkle are fine-tuned by founder Paul Slegers. Crafted by Infinity is ahead of the industry and exceeds all labratory meterics. In each Infinity, there is overall better brightness, more fire, sparkle and life!

Superior Crystal Quality and selectivity ensures the cleanest material: no undisclosed haze, over-flourescence, no microscopic brown or green tint, no strain or durability issues and no exceptions. Hundreds of crystals were rejected in facilitating the highest, unsurpassed performance, protecting our clients and ensuring future value. When they are completed, inspected and accompanied by "Crafted By Infinity" documentation, our diamonds are sent to a small family of cut-focused jewelers for sale to you, with no suppliers in-between.

 Who We Are

Crafted by Infinity sole focus is to maximize performance in every diamond we plan and craft; operating against traditional models. Crafting the high-performance diamonds takes place in Antwerp, the world's diamond capital, and is managed by a dream-team of diamond industry experts:  Paul Slegers, Lieve Peeters and John Pollard. The flawless cut of each masterpiece Infinity is achieved through unmatched expertise, extra time, modern technology and passionate attention to the design and execution.


Leading  authority on diamond cut-quality in both Europe and North America, Paul Slegers crafts fewer than 1000 diamonds per year making Infinity a true diamond boutique; virtually unheard-of in today’s mass-manufacture world. Crafted By Infinity diamonds represent the strictest, most consistently cut high-performance diamond brand in the world.

Flawless Cut:

Each Infinity boasts cut parameters rarer then D color. Rarer than FL clarity. Crafted with identical geometry, every Infinity is a blazing performance-twin to the next and the next. Compare our diamonds to Tiffany, Cartier or Hearts On Fire. These companies produce exquisite diamonds, but sell at a higher markup without the personal control, the consistency, the strict parameters or the three-dimensional micro-cutting precision. Infinity wearers regularly report that the crisp, vivid performance of their Crafted By Infinity diamond exceeds all other diamonds in head to head comparisons.