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Diamonds. No gemstone offers as much romance, history, and beauty as a diamond. At The Jewelry Source we know that beautiful jewelry starts with beautiful diamonds.
Essential to diamond beauty is the quality of cut. The way the facets align, the microscopic differences in shape, and the precision of proportion all combine to release sparkle, brilliance, and fire--the hallmark of a truly beautiful diamond.
At The Jewelry Source, you will find the CARO 74 diamond, a diamond whose precision of cut provides a stone with ideal optical performance. Each of the CARO 74 diamonds have seventy-four facets, and are cut to exacting standards which exhibits amazing brilliance. This is a diamond you must see to beleive!!!!!

Each Fall, The Jewelry Source travels to Antwerp Belgium, the diamond capital of the world. Through our association with the Independent Jewelers Organization (IJO) we are able to work with sightholders and diamond manufacturers to procure our diamonds as direct from the mine as possible. We literally paw through thousands of carats of unset diamonds in all sizes shapes and qualities to find just the right stone for our customers. The job can seem very tedious and time consuming...but someone has to do it!!!!
Whether you desire a CARO 74 or one of the many other fine diamonds and ideal cuts we carry, you can be assured that at The Jewelry Source our job is to hand select each and every diamond for maximum beauty and sparkle that is just right for you.


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